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Hand Stamped Wine Charms - Various Designs Available ATPC, AMAT, AWOC, ATTH, AIBC

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Perfect for dinner parties these unique wine class charms have been designed and handstamped in the UK. Available in either copper or aluminium these charms are sold in sets of 6

With many designs to choose from in various themes:

 RUGBY: No Maul, Flanker, Odd Ball, Scrum..tious, Ruck it, Try Me

TWICKENHAM TOWN: River Thames, TW1, Marble Hill, Eel Pie Island, Church Street, Rugby Stadium

TW1 PUB CRAWL: Cabbage Patch, The Fox, Three Kings, White Swan, Eel Pie, Barmy Arms

WINE LOVER: Rioja, Shiraz, Merlot, Malbec, Riesling, Chablis

CHAMPAGNE OCLOCK: Bolly, LPR, Mumm, Krug, Moet, Veuve

 BREXIT: Back Stop, Leave, Customs Union, Article 50, Remain, No Deal

WINE OCLOCK: Tiddley, Sloshed, Tipsy, Sozzled, Woozy, Squiffy

TIME TO PARTY: Fiesta, Party, Fete, Partij, Festa, Partei

THANK YOU MUM: Best Mum Ever, And Relax, Wine O'clock, I Need Wine, Wine Down, Mum's Bubbly

GAME OF THRONES: Grey Joy, Targaryen, Stark, Tyrell, Lannister, Baratheon

GIRLS NIGHT IN: Cheeky, Sassy, Classy, Flirty, Happy, Funny

ITS BOOK CLUB: Spine Tingler, Bodice Ripper, Nail Biter, Chiller, Page Turner, Thriller

MAKE A TOAST: Cin Cin, Salud, Cheers, Sante, Prost, Slainte