About Us

Established in 2010, Miss Pretty London is an online gift store offering a unique selection of apparel, homeware and other useful goodies. Let us tell you our witty tale of how we began.... Inspired by the fun and colourful market in Notting Hill, London our first piece of floral fabric was brought from a busy market trader. In these days we didn’t even own a sewing machine, but the piece was so pretty and girly, like a must have dress or those perfect shoes it was an irresistible purchase. Next came the sewing machine and hours and hours of designing, sewing, thinking, sewing some more, and then taking a sorrowful look at the bin full of pretty but now useless fabric. The relentless sewing machine had chewed it up and spat it out. It could’ve been so pretty, whatever it was meant to be. A life lesson was learnt. Just because it’s pretty doesn’t mean it’s perfect. To find things pretty and perfect in this world can only mean one thing – it’s going to break the bank. The lovely fabric purchased that day was (although cheap) pretty much useless for anything. Could it be possible to own something wonderful, great quality and unique without taking out a mortgage? Our mission was drafted – yes it is possible! And so a brand was born. Are you still there? I hope so. More fabric was purchased, this time actual fabric not cardboard pretending to be sewable. Our collection of card wallets, chequebook covers, passport cases and luggage tags were designed and made and our online store was here. Since then our range has expanded offering more Miss Pretty London accessories in a wide range of fun, floral and unique prints. We have also collated with similar likeminded brands to offer a wider selection of products via our online shop including homeware, kitchenware and stationary. In 2014 we launched our online haberdashery shop which offers a great selection of cotton poplin fabrics. It is impossible to describe our style in one word, unless there is a word for shabby chic meets vintage, meets novelty but floral with a dash of fun. Our moto is that if we don’t love it we don’t sell it. Everything we select to sell is chosen because we would buy it. No tacky bits and bobs here thankyou very much. So there you have it – a brief history about Miss Pretty London. A small company which continues to grow, dream and love. What’s next for us I hear you cry. Watch this space for exciting new ranges, collaborations and new places to purchase.