Meet Oi Handmade

My name is Oliwia, I am Polish and I grew up in Spain.

At the moment I am doing polymer clay and air-dry clay jewelry.  My journey with jewelry started about 10 years ago when I did a siover jewelry course. Once I finished it, I felt like something was missing so I kept my hands busy with “homecrafts” like making T-shirts and felt wallets and pins

When I moved to UK, I got curious about clay and started to play with air-dry clay making necklaces and earrings. I felt in love with polymer clay and here I am selling my earrings and trying to transmit my passion to jewelry making bold and funky pieces for everyone.



What is your favourite product you make?

I love to try new things and experiment during the process so it is impossible to choose. 😊



What inspires you?

I´ve always been an art lover - cinema, music, literature, dance all of them. Everything is inspiring, we are all always influenced by something that is around us when we create our “art” or when we express ourselves through it.



What challenges have you had and how have you overcome them?

Well,I think for all makers it Is always difficult not to compare yourself to others and feel insecure.

All has already been made and to offer a “never seen” product is not possible but trying to transmit your message through your creation is what we look for, which is one of the most difficult things to achieve. Finding your own style, to be happy with it and with the quality is the hard part. As a maker I think we are all very tough on ourselves and try to be perfect when we should all LOVE the IMPERFECTIONS in our handmade products as they are HANDMADE.



What advice would you give to someone who wants to start making things and selling?

DO IT! Research, experiment and organize!



If a friend or relative could describe you in one word what would it be?




What are your future plans? Any new products, branding, selling platforms?

 I would love to have monthly releases, and open an Esty shop. Regarding new products, hair pins and rings and for the little ones polymer clay cot mobiles



Favourite colour?

If I really have to choose blue and grey


 Favourite book?

Wow that is difficult one, I like all types Sci-fi , Horror, Romantic even Essays LOL

Favourite animal?

Fennec Fox


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