Meet Mary Darch

Hi Im Mary, 
I design prints which include gin, books, cheese and perfume based themes.  I also hand pour scented candles.  I studied Fashion and Textiles, and travelled the world for 10 years designing collections for high street stores, the print, the labelling and all the garments.
Once I had children I veered off the fashion path and had a business designing and painting bespoke china.  I have a kiln and supplied the public direct.  Once the children went to school, I opened two gift shops and ran them with a partner for 18 years. I closed the shops when I felt I wasn’t fulfilled creatively, and wanted to return to design. 
What is your favourite product you make?


I love designing bespoke book stacks and individual requests related to my current range of prints.  
What inspires you?


I am inspired by visiting galleries, other artists, craftspeople and colour! Also Indian textiles, the old printmakers and current art.
What challenges have you had and how have you overcome them?


I have the challenge of adapting to the computer design age.  All my work is drawn by hand, but I use it to compose my multi prints.  I am currently trying to master new design packages, but until then, my son helps me to put all my multi prints together and digitalise the work for adaptation on to tea towels.   

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start making things and selling?


You have to have some faith in your self, but always go and see an established maker or seller who is happy to share tips.  I always try and be helpful if I can, but sometimes they can help me too as I am not great on line with marketing and selling

If a friend or relative could describe you in one word what would it be?



What are your future plans? Any new products, branding, selling platforms?


I am always looking at new products and ideas.  I am currently looking for a better way to market my products countrywide

Favourite colour?


Favourite book?


Novel: Jude the Obscure   Thomas Hardy

Favourite animal?



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