Meet Juliet Booth

I got my inspiration to make jewellery after doing a beading course at the Richmond Adult education college, where I have also done a mosaics course. My mosaics career is on hold at the moment until I get some studio space where I can make lots of mess, but jewellery making doesn’t require much space and the creative mess can be cleared up more easily. I love finding beads which inspire me to be creative and enjoy mixing semi precious beads with glass, crystal or ceramic beads. I also like recycling old jewellery and giving things a new look.
I love strong and bright colours, but my favourite is purple. My favourite book is Anna Karenina which I am currently reading again and I love cats.
My advice to anyone wanting to start making things is to just do it, even if you don’t know what you are going to make. Just have a go with the materials that you have and see what happens. That is usually how I make things, and the great thing about beading is that you can easily start again if you don’t like what you’ve made.

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