Meet GingerWoods

At the core lies a practical, problem solving, creative heart and I have created products that are an extension of this ethos. I started GingerWoods Aromatics because I wanted to share the love and knowledge.

GingerWoods Aromatics is a step back to home and personal care essentials made with thought and as few harsh chemicals / synthetics / hormone mimicking ingredients as possible. Getting back to essential oils and the power and strength they possess which ties us all to nature and the environment, so most importantly a focus on conscious Re-filling, Re-using, Re-cycling the packaging.


What is your favourite product you make?

I Love all the soaps I make, it’s the blends that really captivate me, because they can be as simple as fresh citrus, or as complex as evoking a memory of those sweets you used to love as a kid! Just fantastic!

What inspires you?

Nature and it very essence to live, grow and be, no matter what, is my true inspiration. I draw on that, using my creativity, practical, hardworking nature to just be and see what happens.


What challenges have you had and how have you overcome them?

GingerWoods: In today’s global market, the biggest challenge is, how to make a good quality product that is truly valued for what it contains. With so many products out there, it is hard to convince a customer that just because “X” brand made it, it doesn’t mean it’s a good quality product.

I am making products with organic, unrefined, pure, essential ingredients and this has a knock-on effect because it supports small business with similar roots. Keeping the ingredients simple and pure makes the comparison between a brand and homemade transparent so a customer can make the best choices too.

Myself: Lacking the confidence to believe in myself is one of the things I realised is a true waste of energy, and I tell my self that learning is part life and that it does not matter as long as I am enjoying my time.




What advice would you give to someone who wants to start making things and selling?

Just do it! Read and watch lots, experiment, play and make notes, and if at first…


If a friend or relative could describe you in one word what would it be?



What are your future plans? Any new products, branding, selling platforms?

I have some new blends and formulas in the mix, which I am hoping to couple with my woodworking skills, I have recently started selling on Etsy, so hopefully this will spark some interest.


Favourite colour?

I’m a rainbow…in black and white :D, but I think I have gone through phases of so many colours, it is hard to pick one that I represents me. Green compliments the ginger hair, so I will go with that, a nice forest green.


Favourite book?

I love a mystery. I think its that practical, problem solver in me.


Favourite animal?

I don’t think I can pick one, there is just too many to choose…recently I am following bird pick of the week photography and that is awesome!!


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