Meet Atmospheric Designs

Hi there! I create home décor and jewellery pieces with the technique macramé! My designs have a modern and bohemian aesthetic to them which are made up of captivating colours and patterns. I use different types of knots to create different shapes, patterns, styles and sizes. I like to make pieces that are created with just the cord or by including other objects to work around, such as, plants/plant pots and artificial flowers. This is a nice way to bring the outdoors, indoors and to add something to a room or outfit!


I first started this technique while I was at university but as life’s obstacles got in the way, I didn’t really get a chance to get back into it properly again until this year during lockdown. I then had the time and energy to get back into the hobby I most enjoyed and gain fulfilment from. My designs come from the idea of bringing the outside, inside - it’s horrible when we get stuck in four walls and bringing some nature inspired designs inside, can really help in a positive way to your environment and mood. So I like to think of my designs as a bit of mindfulness for the environment you’re in

What is your favourite product you make?

 I love the end result of my larger macramé wall décor pieces that are full of intricate patterns and shapes. When I start making them I have a basic idea how I want the end result to look like but I don’t have a specific process or plan – I make it up as I go along. This can be challenging and sometimes frustrating when trying to trial and error patterns to use. It feels like I'm putting together a big jigsaw puzzle to make the patterns fit and work together to get the outcome I visualise!



What inspires you?

 I think nature is beautiful and so good for us – we feel so much better when we just step outside and get some fresh air. I like how nature has it’s own patterns and colours and I like to use inspiration from this to help bring a positive impact into someone’s environment (room or outfit!) 

What challenges have you had and how have you overcome them?

 As I started to pick this up in lockdown I had a lot more time, so I find it difficult to balance enough time and energy to make my designs while working another full time job. I’ve understood the importance for my well-being and that designing and creating makes me feel happy. I decided to work one day less during the week which I can use to help make my creations. This does mean a slight pay cut but that just means it’s temporary sacrifices for something I find is important for me. I’ve found making what makes you happy needs to be a priority and I’m still figuring out my work/personal life/financial balance – but isn’t everyone!



What advice would you give to someone who wants to start making things and selling?

 If you have a urge to make something then just dive in and make something! Sometimes making something for someone else can feel slightly pressurising, so I would just start to make things you generally enjoying making and then the rest will follow!

If a friend or relative could describe you in one word what would it be?

I wasn’t too sure how to answer this so I asked my family and they said determined!

What are your future plans? Any new products, branding, selling platforms?

I want to keep making and selling the different design varieties I have available but also expand on them with more pieces for around the home and jewellery. For example, large macramé placemats and macramé necklaces. Have a play around and see what I can create and use the different seasons/occasions for inspiration! 

Favourite colour?

Blue, yellow and white. When I was younger I used to love purple and my whole outfit would only be purple clothes!

Favourite book?

 That’s a tough question .. as an adult I loved reading the book ‘The Help’. I  do also love a descriptive and imaginative book and this was the same for when I was younger - y favourite book then was ‘Measle and the Wrathmonk’ .

 Favourite animal?

I do love most animals if I’m honest ... I love a majestic big cat and big blue whales – they’re a bit like gentle giants

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